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The indistinct, insignificant, bizarre and banal traces of the plant world have always caught my attention. The need to understand through touch gradually became a collection of natural, fragmented, dry matter, sometimes categorized and stored away. In each of my numerous last moves, be it to a different street, city or country, some of these boxes were always worth the effort of transportation to a new home.


This process of collecting has revealed itself as a method to deepen my understanding of my natural surroundings as much as widen my visual scope and the repertoire in my artistic language.

Though it is an organic process that is constantly shifting but somehow ongoing, this particular series of works, some of which shown here on the website, were a deliberate, timebased, focused contemplation of organic matter, almost like small meditation practices.


Those temporary drawings were also the attempt to detach from the need to hold on to the material manifestation, and instead stay with the knowledge and appreciation experienced in the engagement. 

organic matter, dry seeds, snail shape, pattern, black and white
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