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"Marks" is a collaborative drawing practice taking place in the space of entry and closure held between two solid book covers. It was initiated during the 8th Sowing Seeds International Artist in Residency Program at Art Junction near Udaipur, India.

An important pillar in my artmaking is the drawing journal, which I use as a documentation of what surrounds me, states of mind, shifting perceptions and grasping or altering memory. Like a collection of traces and recordings, they often serve as the basis to develop a body of work. 


For my Residency at Art Junction, the journal was intended to be the actual body of work, using the Residencies short time frame of twelve days in my favor, by focussing on recording brief, personal and subjective impressions, which normally fade quickly into the numbness of familiarity. 


I was particularly interested in creating and receiving marks, dipping into both natural and social structures. Making a mark can be seen as  the most primitive and direct way of self expression and facilitates alternative ways of reflection and communication. 


This book holds marks of the land, marks that the pages themselves transferred onto each other, marks from the locals and from the schoolkids, who showed up very frequently and marks from my own impulses and responses. 


It remains at Art Junction with the objective that it may be further explored and extended by people stopping by, especially the school children. Though a co- creation, this started as a work that was directed through my lens, and will now be shaped by the lens of those who continue.




During my two-month residency at Salem Artworks in rural Upstate New York in 2018, I intended to make as much use as possible of the facilities offered, learning about other mediums such as glass, cast aluminum and iron, wood and clay, and to experiment with installation.


My focus was on expanding playfully, not on producing a serious body of work. I was at a crossroad in my life reevaluating different paths taken in general as much as artistically. Therefore my “play” unfolded around core themes such as memory, the notion of waste and catharsis.


Entering a highly perceptive state, due to the sudden immersion in a cultural and natural landscape rather alien to the known, led to the pop up show “Traces” in the abandoned Salem Train Station, as an attempt to communicate a subjective impression of the area and the building itself.



Material Studies (examples)

glas, ceramics, iron, aluminum

burdock ("harvested" on site)


site specific installation

Memory objects

personal and handsliced fotographs, found objects, rubber tubes


Ivy, epoxy

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