The core of my creativity is my fascination with ambiguities, always trying to balance opposing elements with regard to content and the quality and association of the materials used.

I am driven by the need to connect the present with the past, the visible with the unseen, the conscious with the sub-conscious.

Therefore my natural approach is interdisciplinary, because every medium and every material embodies different qualities in its ability to establish the connection for which I strive.

In my installations, especially, I question the limits of how we can respond, change or work with an energy that I believe is inherent to each and every space by which we are surrounded. I wonder what it is that defines a space and its borders, how many layers of history are carried, and how differently we perceive a so called "atmosphere".


My art making is something fluid and continuously evolving, shaping me as much as I’m shaping the work in progress. I allocate space to my work to let it develop its own dynamic and trigger a dialogue between the piece of art, myself, and the viewer. I encourage the work to embrace the uncertain, to breath, to be a reflection of many possible truths, whilst telling a new story at every glance cast at it.

As my main inspiration comes from nature, I am often concerned with the relationship between human kind and nature but also with the shifting of aesthetics within different cultural contexts and the notion of conservation and value.