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Seine und meine Hecke

(His And My Hedge)

deals with the subject of relationships and conservation. With the contradictory needs to preserve and let go. The encapsulated blossoms of the almost invasive hedge plant ivy are used as symbol for demarcation and self protection.

The form of presentation is variable for this piece. I did not want it to be static and limited to only one shape. It has been shown in different venues, always set up in a different way, quietly inviting the viewer to pick up a piece and rearrange the order.

When (after having exhibited it for the last time in New York) I left the US to return to Europe, my luggage was overweight and my credit card wouldn't work to pay. Being in a big rush, this artwork was one amongst other things, that I managed to quickly pull out of the suitcase and was left behind at the airport bin. I wonder if it will stay together in a cluster or start to spread out and lose its center. I love this idea.

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