Julia, was born in the mid-west of Germany, and is now based in Málaga, Spain.

Her multidisciplinary work has been exhibited in group shows across Germany,

Switzerland, Italy and Japan. In Germany, Spain and the USA she had both, group and solo shows.

Her current work is a curious dissection of our environment with a poetic response on the intersection of installation, sculpture, drawing and landart.


Ever since Julia could hold a pen, she has been obsessed with drawing and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the arts. After completing her Abitur in 2003, a 5 month visit to South Africa as volunteer in a shelter for street-children inspired her to study Fine Arts in Cape Town for a couple of years. Back in her home country she went on to study Fine Arts and Illustration first in Dortmund and later in Hamburg, where she received her Bachelor of Arts from the Design Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg in 2013.


Her artwork having initially focused primarily on drawing, shifted, when she moved to Spain in 2015, when she became involved in the development of a new, boutique hotel from the ground up. It was during her involvement with this large-scale project that she became aware of her passion for working in, and with, three dimensional space. While starting to create smaller sculptural pieces, using found objects and cheap hardware materials, she developed an interest for installations and a desire to also explore classical mediums such as glass, ceramics and metal.

When she was accepted for a two month long residency at Salem Artworks in the United States in 2018, she had the opportunity to use all their facilities including all those mediums and broaden her sculptural skills.